Pornstar: Suzanne Storm
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In The Days of Whore

In The Days of Whore

Set in medieval times, this raunchy sexvid delves into some seriously debauched dalliances as it tells its tale of court intrigue and double-dealing. The plot concerns brutal ruler Anthony Crane, a despot who does as he pleases to the serfs that he controls. He’s pushed from his office by a wily usurper who sends a sexy leper prostitute to Crane and infects him. Thus, the nefarious ruler gets shunted off to an island leper colony, far from his homeland and relations. Of course, Crane wastes no time in setting himself up as the iron-fisted ruler of his new home, and the remainder of the video finds him delighting in all manner of twisted tawdriness. Crane turns the leper colony into a frenetic free-for-all as each and every person on the island gets caught up in the sexual frenzy. There’s some raw stuff here, interspersed with some silliness like people’s limbs falling off during sex. Basically, though, this is male-dominant hardcore with an emphasis on the hard. Kristi Myst shines in a particularly sex-crazed performance, taking on an abbot full of monks in one especially wild segment. And busty Taylor St. Claire shows that she doesn’t take a back seat to anyone when she hooks up with a pair of piston-pumping hunks. A thoroughly out-there production that features some stellar camera work and some truly freaky frolicking.

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